Backtrack Blues Band - 'Best Friends Grave'

official promotional video - 2020

W​e offer a range of audio and video services custom designed to fit your needs and budget

UHD 4K video production. 

We provide professional multi-camera video production.  Whether it be a concept music video, a performance video - single song to a full set, documentary work, or promotional video, we will work with you to accomplish your video goals.  Our clients have ranged from solo acoustic artists performing in an intimate setting to multi-day outdoor blues festivals. We provide a streamline, no frills, service which allows us to travel further to shoot your project where you want it, without incurring unnecessary costs.  

​Mike Zito - Set Finale 2019 Tampa Bay Blues Fest.

​official festival video - 2019

Albert Castiglia - 'Bring On The Rain'

official promotional video - 2019

T Bone Hamilton - 'My Babe'

official promotional video - 2020

Multi-track audio production.

We bring professional multi-track recording capabilities to your front porch. Record a live album at your favorite venue, or new a new acoustic or electric project at your location.